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Ken "Duncan" Yoshida-Mah

My greatest strength is delivering excellent service & quality work, so you get a unique design that is delivered on-time and on budget.

My services extend from straight design to build of websites, products and mobile applications.

I have been designing for over 12 years now and have held Lead Designer and Creative Director positions in web design and advertising for small companies right through to blue chips.

My positioning is quality not price which doesn't mean it will cost you and arm and a leg but if it's websites on a small budget there are plenty of excellent web design providers for that purpose.

I am an awarded designer having been gratefully awarded by: CSS Design Awards, Awwwards, Mindsparkle Mag Site of The Day, CSS Winner, Clio Awards and off course the Summit Creative Awards & Summit Emerging Media Award which I now sit on the international Board of Judges for.

Live Websites I've Worked On

Original YouthWorx Website

The City Views

Creative Foundations

Federally Funded & DARTS

Our Voices - Government

Themify - Ultra Profile Theme


Outworld Battlegrounds

Falling Joys

Amplify Queer Faith

Break The Code Barrier

Luka Campaign

Jerusha Mather

Clan O'Conall

Stuff i've been playing with


Awards & Achievements

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